2014 Schedule:

January: Gala Charron [Art Dummy] and Flutter Memel [flowey]

February: Zen Zarco [Boogers] and Surrealia Anatine [ANA]

March: Tegan Serin [floorplan] and Darling Monday []

April: Elle Kirshner [Second Spaces] and Flutter Memel [flowey]

May: Wolfy Breno [Breno] and Luana Dawg [Kuro in Motion]

June: Coming Soon!

July: Coming Soon!

August: Coming Soon!

September: Coming Soon!

November: Coming Soon!

December: Coming Soon!


2013 Schedule:

Nalena Fairey [Zigana] and Flutter Memel [flowey]

February: Kaz Nayar [Pilot] and RubyStarlight Writer [Exposeur]

March: Elle Kirshner [Second Spaces] and Flutter Memel [flowey]

April: Naminaeko Resident [.Olive.] and Chandni Khondji [HopScotch]

May: Kaz Nayar [Pilot] and Darling Monday []

June: Paco Pooley [bauwerk] and Rogan Diesel [Diesel Works]

July: Cory Edo [Trompe Loeil] and Adorkable Peapod [aDORKable]

August: Iris Maskelyne [DIGS] and Di Hoorenbeek [Di’s Opera]

September: Anya Ohmai [!Ohmai] and RobinWoodley [Teawood]

October: Ravyn Hynes [MudHoney] and Ruby Starlightwriter [Exposeur]

November: warehousefifteendesigns Resident [Apple Fall] and Flutter Memel [flowey]

December: Amelie Knelstrom [vespertine] and Mavi Beck [Ma.Vie]


2012 schedule:

January: Gala Charron [*Art Dummy!]  and Flutter Memel [flowey.]

(spring break)

March: Isla Gealach [Cheeky Pea] and IsabellaGrace Baroque [Olive Juice]

April: Gala Charron [*Art Dummy!] and Elle Kirshner [ Pulling Strings]

May: nyasyousa Oh [picnic] and Izzy Bereznyak [pda]

(summer break)

October: Anya Ohmai [Ohmai] and Flutter Memel [flowey]

November: Isla Gealach [Cheeky Pea] and Elle Kirshner [ Pulling Strings]

December: Tegan Serin [floorplan] and Darling Monday []

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