Cupcake Festival & new Artshow @ Atelier Kreslo!

Atelier Kreslo is proud to present another fun side event! Last summer we got to enjoy some yummy ice creams, but now we have delicious cupcakes for you! No worries, we didn’t bake them ourselves, we got help from these very talented bakers!

AlphaWolf19 - Breno
Natalee Oodles - Noodles
Zen Zarco - <:*BoOgErS*:>
hyasynth Tiramisu - ~silentsparrow~
Allegory Malaprop - Schadenfreude
Kala Bijoux - Material Squirrel/LuckyCharlotteCamille
Sienia Trevellion - Lark
Celeste Forwzy - Jim
Katharine McGinnis - Intrigue Co.
SySy Chapman - SYSY’s
Darla Domenici - Paloma
taiko McCaw - NAMINOKE
Nena Janus - League
Chandni Khondji - *~*HopScotch*~*
Apple Fall - Apple Fall

The Cupcake Festival takes place alongside this month’s chair round (with the lovely ode to adrian chair by Art Dummy and Flowey) and this month’s art exhibition by maclane Mills. The festival runs between January 25th and February 8th.

Atelier Kreslo Team

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