The new round of Atelier Kreslo has just stared and we’re having a party to celebrate the first anniversary of the event!

Come join us here:
Atelier Kreslo @ Imogen

January round features the collaborative chair between Nalena Fairey of Zigana and Flutter Memel of flowey.

The chair is copy/mod/no trans (it may appear as no mod due to some of the content’s permissions).

2LI, 7 sits + peekaboo bonus sub-menu (with 3 poses, 3.1 and 3.2 played one by one makes peekaboo impression).

To celebrate our anniversary we’re offering two lovely gifts by our guests artists: Whiskey Monday (will be out soon), and Rose (Naminaeko).

Happy Anniversary Atelier Kreslo!

Thank you for your suppourt!

Atelier Kreslo Team

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