Atelier Kreslo’s Pottery Class applications are now open!

This time around, we decided to try some new things in Atelier Kreslo and start holding small side events.

The first event is planned for 2nd half of November or 1st half of December  (exact date is yet to come) and it will be Pottery Class.

We will provide you a mesh template of few pottery pieces (created exclusively by Gala Charron) for you to customize and sell for period of two weeks at Atelier Kreslo’s workshop.

There will be small split (5%) to contribute to keep Atelier Kreslo running. The space will be limited so only certain amount of people will be chosen and contacted with more details.

Appliactions will be open for a week (November 2nd). You can apply here:

Atelier Kreslo Team

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